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Pressure Sand Filter (PSF)

Pressure Sand FilterWe offer a large array of sand filter systems that are used to produce effluent, which is low in suspended solids. The filtration process includes passing of water effluent through the filter medium which strains out the colloidal particles such as earth particles, fine sand, anthracite, or filter fabric.

Activated Carbon Filter (ACF)

activated carbon filterActivated Carbon Filters are designed and used for the removal of vapors and odors that still may be present within the air or gas flow. The activated carbon element absorbs vapors and binds them to the surface of the activated carbon grain molecules. Applications include medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, semiconductor, hospitals, and oil-free applications.

Dual Media Filter (DMF)

dual media filtersWe offer a wide range of dual media filters that include Pressure Sand Filters and Activated Carbon Filters. All of our filters are used to remove humidity of the turbidity and organics, de-chlorination, etc. These filters can be provided in definite configurations, as per the client’s specifications.

Iron Removal Filter (IRF)

Iron Removal FilterThe iron removal filters that we manufacture are widely used to eliminate turbidity, suspended particles, color, odor and iron that are available in raw water. These iron removal filters are known for their easy operation and give crystal clear water. Our iron removal filters are accurately designed to fulfill our client’s specific requirements. These filters purify water from sand without clogging the filter. The entire range can also be customized as specified by the clients.

Swimming Pool Filterations

Swimming Pool FilterationsManufacturer of all types of supplying swimming pools like children pool Our swimming Pool Filtration Plants are known for removing suspended matter, turbidity, dirt, dissolved iron, rust, oil, color and other organic impurities from water to provide crystal clear water. Quartz sand effectively produces sparkling clear water for industrial applications, children pool and drinking water requirements.

Hatchery Filterations

Hatchery FiltrationsHatchery Filtrations are used to cultivate and breed a large number of fish in an enclosed environment. Fish farms use hatcheries to cultivate fish to sell for food, or ornamental purposes, eliminating the need to find the fish in the wild and even providing some species outside of their natural season. They raise the fish until they are ready to be eaten or sold to aquarium stores. Other hatcheries release the juvenile fish into a river, lake or the ocean to support commercial, tribal, or recreational fishing or to supplement the natural numbers of threatened or endangered species, a practice known as fish stocking.

Click To See Our Products Photo Gallery